Universal Sintered Products and Machinery Is the perfect solution for carbon industry.We Manufacture Various machines which are use to make the carbon Brushes ,Carbon Blocks,Carbon Vanes,Etc. Which has the larger application in various industries like Automobiles, Power tools, sugar,textile,paper mill railways. Etc.This Brushes Can be Use for various application like power tools,Automobile,Industrial ,Electrical etc.

Universal Sintered Products and Machinery is the only solution for providing the Testing Equipments Required for measuring the characteristics of brushes. Various Testing instruments are required such as density tester, resistance tester , hardness tester, voltage drop tester, pig tail pull tester, transverse strength testing Machine etc.All this equipments are designed as per as Indian Standard  and calibrated with the standard piece .

Hardness Tester is use to determine the Hardness of carbon brush. As per the grades of the brushes Hardness will vary.

Hardness  tester is use to determine the Hardness of carbon brushes. Testing is done by Indentation Method.

Procedure :

The test consists in forcing a ball into the surface of a test piece in two operations and measuring the permanent increase of the depth of indentation of this ball under specified conditions. The test shall be carried out at ambient temperature.

It is important that the sample lies firmly on the support of that displacement cannot occur during the test. Unless otherwise agreed, the sample should be placed so that the direction of the load during the hardness test will be applied in the direction of pressing pressure in the case of brush block materials and perpendicular to the axis of extrusion for extruded materials. The position of any indentation shall be chosen in such a way that the distance between the centres of two adjacent indentations or from the centre of any indentation to the edge of the sample or to any cavity will be at least one ball diameter or 2.5 times the diameter of the impression diameter, unless otherwise agreed to between the user and the supplier.