The technical and commercial advantages of producing parts through the Powder Metallurgy Process are that it offers a unique opportunity to produce close-to-size components cost effectively. The process has been very well established and is being updated-the thrust being continuous improvement.

The Process

The process consists of the following:

Mixing : 

Mixing consists of blending of various powders, like graphite powder, Copper powder, Tin powder, Specialty lubricants, chemicals and additives etc into a uniform non-segregating powder mix Compacting. We have pressing capacity up to 100 T installed. Higher capacity machines are planned in near future. Tooling designed to produce the parts close to net size on sintering. We have adopted the best possible tool design, tool rigs and tooling system for the production at higher densities. Our mechanical and hydraulic press equipment can make a wide range of part sizes and shapes. Our hydraulic presses are fully automatic specially designed with press to size type of products it means wire is being fixed in the molding stage which can give the strength of the wire with high load capacity and avoid secondary operations like grinding and sizing.


Parts obtained during the compaction are in green form and does not have sufficient strength to be use during operation. so this Press parts are then heated at sintering temperature(material is being heated at 70% of the melting point of the main constituents) to bond the particle of copper ,graphite’s and added lubricants and additives to have the sufficient strength.
secondary operation:-parts obtained after sintering are being sized as per drawing or customer requirement. Secondary operation includes cutting,grinding,drilling,collar cutting,tamping,spot welding,crimping,sleeve insertion etc.

Final inspection:-

Final inspection of material Is being carried out at our in house testing laboratory. various testing parameters like densty,hardness,resistance,miili volt testing, push pull testing, co efficient of friction, transverse strength etc are being checked and found to be ok then dispatch to the customer.