Universal Sintered Products and Machinery have the better expertise in Capacitor Discharge Welding Machine.This Machine can weld the copper wire with the M.S clip/terminal use in carbon brushes .Also it can spot the individual copper wire for carbon brushes.

Universal Sintered Products and Machinery is the only source providing the capacitor discharge machine in india for carbon brush application.

These machines are developed with all advanced technology for powerful and efficient performance. Suitable for carbon brush manufacturing. Available in affordable price.



  • 90% Power saving.
  • Input power fluctuation does not effect output of machines.
  • Machine can be run on generator set.
  • Plastic / Rubber molded parts/copper /m.s can be weld.
  • Consistent weld quality.
  • No heating of job, so no change in color of job.
  • Re-tapping not required.
  • No change in dimensions of job.
  • Welds without distortion, discoloration or annealing due to very low heat input.
  • Short welding time location heat, minimizing adverse effect to material properties and part geometry.
  • Low power requirements low operating cost and high production rate.
  • Unaffected by power grid fluctuations.


For Automobile Carbon brushes for 2,3,4, and 6 wheeler brushes.

For Industrial Carbon brushes for slip Rings, Generators etc.