Universal Sintered Products and Machinery Is the perfect solution for carbon industry.We Manufacture Various machines which are use to make the carbon Brushes ,Carbon Blocks,Carbon Vanes,Etc. Which has the larger application in various industries like Automobiles, Power tools, sugar,textile,paper mill railways. Etc.This Brushes Can be Use for various application like power tools,Automobile,Industrial ,Electrical etc.

Universal Sintered Products and Machinery is the only solution for providing the Testing Equipments Required for measuring the characteristics of brushes. Various Testing instruments are required such as density tester, resistance tester , hardness tester, voltage drop tester, pigtail pull tester, transverse strength testing Machine etc.All this equipments are designed as per as Indian Standard  and calibrated with the standard piece. Pigtail Pull Tester is use to determine the Strength of Wire inserted in the carbon brush. That is how much Load wire can sustain inside the carbon brush.

Pigtail is use to determine the Strength of wire inserted in the carbon brush.

Procedure :

Carbon brush with wire is mounted at bottom of the plate and wire is tightening in the chuck. Before operating check whether the instrument shows zero reading. now gradually take the ram upper side till the wire gets pull off from the brush and result will display in kilogram at screen which is digital. The weight at which wire comes down from the brush is to be noted. Testing is destructive, Machine is also equipped with the speed regulator with which one can gradually increase or decrease the speed of upper ram.