• MODEL- 2 H.P
  • 4 Ducting point
  • Portable Carbon Dust collector is the system which can extract all the dust generated during various operation of carbon brush manufacturing.
  • This system collects the carbon dust and stores it and keeps the production area clean and healthy for operators.
  • Collected carbon dust can be resale as a scrape product or can be reuse as per requirement.
  • This system has the capacity to store the carbon dust for 1 week after that the bag is to be cleaned and again ready for reuse.
  • Carbon dust generated during cutting,grinding,drilling,slots,chamfer,radius etc can be collected in this system.

By the use of Portable Carbon Dust collector, production area would be clean and healthy and also the waste carbon dust can be sale or use as per requirement.

Advantages :-

  • 4 Ducting Point
  • Less Area occupied
  • When other machines are not in operation Portable dust collector is use for a single machine thus minimize the power consumption
  • Easy To Install and can be fixed at any point
  • Less power consumption
  • Use for connecting 4 Points for dust collecting
  • Noise and vibration is minimum
  • 100 % Dust Collected during operation